All are Welcome.


The Episcopal Church (and Trinity) welcomes everyone, regardless of your faith or circumstance.  We do not want to change you and all are welcome to our altar.  We desire to support you as you grow to the person God intended you to be. For many from traditional religious backgrounds , Trinity and the Episcopal Church can be an appealing alternative offering an experience with more emphasis on relationships and less on rules and dogma.


In the Episcopal Church you will discover:

  • Women serve as deacons, priests and bishops

  • Clergy members can marry

  • Lay people play a prominent role in church administration

  • Members of the LGBT community are welcome and may serve in leadership roles

  • Birth control is considered a personal choice

  • Bishops are elected by church clergy and lay people, not appointed


The Episcopal Church celebrates God's Love for all. 

Since 1942...


Trinity has been a part of the Flushing community since 1942 and started as a small group meeting in homes and at the Flushing Community Center. 

In 1943, the group purchased its present property and served as its worship home ever since.  The sanctuary portion was added to the original 19thcentury farmhouse in 1950 and the education wing in 1960.  The converted "Carriage House", located behind the church once the pastor's home, is now used as a part of Trinity's outreach program to the community and wider region.


We are a small, open and welcoming congregation dedicated to the perpetuation and spiritual growth of Trinity and the local community.  Some are longtime members since birth while others have found Trinity to be a welcoming faith alternative to past or current more restrictive faith practices. 

About Trinity Episcopal Church

Where life's big moments are celebrated.